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Botox Brow Lift
Long Island

A Botox brow lift is an injectable procedure that treats frown lines between your brows and elevates the height of your eyebrows, making your skin look firmer and your eyes look more awake. 

Brow and botox lift Long Island

How Does A Botox Brow Lift Work

Strategic botox placement relaxes the right muscles to lift the brow arch and open the eye up - if you have hooded eyelids, this is an excellent treatment for you. As an added benefit, you'll have a smoother, wrinkle-free forehead. The Botox brow lift typically lasts 3 to 4 months and takes between 7 and 10 days for the initial results to appear. 

The Brow Lift Process With Babe Aesthetics

Personal Consultation

During your appointment, the provider will talk to you to share your aesthetic goals for Botox injections. Babe aesthetics will determine which treatment is right for you and make sure you agree with the plan! 

Injectable Treatment

Botox injections are an effective and minimally invasive option for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Botox treatments are safe and simple. On average, Botox treatments can be performed in about ten minutes. Many patients do not need a topical anesthetic. The needles used are very thin and any pain is minimal. The provider will administer the pre-determined dose along the area(s) that need improvement. Once the treatment is over you can return to your regular day! These injections do not require any downtime. 


After treatment, your injection sites may be red and slightly swollen. These symptoms should diminish throughout the first day. Makeup can be used to conceal any redness after twenty-four hours. Be careful not to bump or scratch these injection sites. Do not lay flat after the procedure for 3-4 hours or exercise for 24 hours.

Benefits of Brow Lifts

Non-surgical: A Botox brow lift is a non-surgical procedure that requires no incisions or anesthesia.
Quick and easy: The treatment takes only a few minutes to perform and doesn't require any downtime.
Rejuvenating: A Botox brow lift can help to rejuvenate your face, giving you a more youthful and refreshed appearance.
Long-lasting: The effects of a Botox brow lift can last for several months.
Customizable: The treatment can be customized to achieve the desired amount of lift and shape for your eyebrows.

Brow and botox lift Long Island


I have been following these girls since they opened!! It’s been really nice to see them grow. Anyway I finally decided to get botox by Steph after I got bad botox from a Groupon. (My own fault I suppose!)  My previous botox wore off/settled unevenly leaving my eyes brows literally crooked. Steph fixed it in less than a 10 min visit.

Can’t say enough about babe cave! My lips had no bruising. I am so happy with them. I can compare this experience with 2 other professional places and can honestly say that Babe cave takes the cake. I won’t go anywhere else now.

I had Juvéderm Ultra Plus lip fillers that migrated over time. With her medical expertise, Stephanie advised that I would need to dissolve my overfilled/migrated fillers to get the most optimum natural look but I was hesitant to go through with it. She was gracious enough to provide a complimentary service to dissolve my lip fillers. I waited 2 weeks after the treatment and then went back to her again to get fresh lip fillers. I love the natural plumped shape of my lips now!

Get Rid of Those Frown-Lines

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