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Co- Founder of Babe Aesthetics
Nurse Practitioner (ANP-BC)

Stephanie Gordin is an experienced adult nurse practitioner with expertise in plastic surgery & medical aesthetics with a passion for combining natural beauty with medicinal and percutaneous treatments. Specializing in various categories of dermal filler injections and neurotoxins permitted by the FDA, including varies neurotoxin and dermal fillers, she promotes customized treatments according to clients’ needs to fulfill their desires, thus constructing the greatest version of their appearances. 

When Stephanie is not fulfilling her passion by making her clients feel their very best she  believes in using your time to the fullest extent, she loves to travel and experience new cultures and realizes that the best memories are made by exploring a new location with those you love. She is always looking up her next getaway as she is a total travel junkie. She also has a strong love for animals and enjoys hanging out with her three dogs.

 Since Gordin is well aware that enjoyable trips and modern lifestyles accompany self-confidence of outlook and physical fitness, she expects to satisfy the most demanding clients and the most challenging cosmetic dreams with optimal recommendations and solutions. If you want to see your cosmetic dreams come true, book online, call or DM on instagram! 


Co- Founder of Babe Aesthetics
Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC)

Micaela Virgilio is an experienced Board Certified Aesthetic Family Nurse Practitioner. She has been doing medical aesthetics since 2018 and has circulated and assisted in multiple Plastic Surgeries. Micaelas nursing career began in LIJ Hospital on a postpartum unit where she learned to become a loving, smart, hardworking, and compassionate caretaker and nurse. She began her own aesthetics training in 2018 where her career began to take off independently. Micaela began training all over NYC, Long Island, and the country. She partnered with multiple doctors and learned safe and effective skills.

"I love to do what I do and that is make clients smile. I am confident in my skills and my knowledge of anatomy and physiology that you can trust me with your needs. I am always here to offer advice and guidance" Micaela started training new aesthetic nurses and continues to educate herself. 


Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC)

Alexandra Stang is a nurse practitioner with 5 years experience. She started her nursing career at Stony Brook Medicine as a full time labor and delivery nurse and has now transitioned to outpatient OBGYN as a Family Nurse Practitioner. After launching her own beauty/fashion blog in 2017, she decided to combine her love for medicine and beauty! Aside from babies, she is here to “deliver” all of your aesthetic and cosmetic needs! Alee loves empowering women in the delivery room and she will continue to instill that confidence through aesthetics. Alee specializes in Botox, dermal fillers, medical weight loss, IV therapy, and a variety of laser treatments. She learned the best techniques in the industry from Stephanie and Micaela. Book with Alee so she can assist in illuminating your natural beauty





Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

I’m Alexandria Ruddy! I am a Registered Nurse. I graduated from Adelphi University and I am currently in Nurse Practitioner School at Stony Brook University. I have always been a “girly girl”, with a passion for fashion, hair, make up, lashes, nails and all things beauty. My greatest fulfillment in life comes from helping others through difficult times and building their confidence. I also work in the Medical ICU. What gets me through the hardest of times, is being the force that pushes people to believe in themselves and find their true strength. While aesthetics is a different field from the ICU, the basic principle remains the same for me which is helping others find their true strength, confidence and beauty. Working in the aesthetic field allows me to combine my passion for nursing and beauty together. There’s no better feeling than seeing your patient realize their true beauty and strength. Through my training with Stephanie and Micaela, I am confident I can provide you with the safe and effective techniques necessary to complete the services you desire. I can’t wait to hand you the mirror after our appointment so you can see the beauty and strength I see in you already!


Registered Nurse (NP-S)

I’m Liz and I’m a registered nurse who graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Molloy College. I’m currently in school to receive my masters degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I love the aesthetic field for the fact that I can make a few small changes on the outside that can help someone SO much on the inside. If I can help someone feel more confident in their skin, leading to them showing up more fully as themselves in life, and that in turn causes them to do amazing things because they are so confident, then I consider my work done! I’m passionate about educating my patients and providing them with all the information they need to make the best decision regarding their treatment plans. Thanks to Micaela and Stephanie, I’ve learned the perfect techniques for delivering whatever look someone is going for and continue to learn about the latest and greatest treatment options in the industry. I’m so excited for you to walk out of your appointment with me looking and feeling your best!



Nurse Practitioner (PNP)

Danielle is a graduate from Adelphi University with her Bachelors in Nursing. Her background is in acute care specializing in the pediatric population and she is currently enrolled at Stony Brook University for her Masters as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Aside from pediatric medicine, Danielle’s passion has always been to learn the field of aesthetic nursing. As an artist, she is very detail oriented and is able to express this through her work. She is passionate about helping people build up their confidence and strive for them to feel like the best version of themselves. Through her extensive training with the owners of Babe Aesthetics, Danielle can provide safe and successful treatments that fulfill a patient’s aesthetic desires. Book with Danielle and start on your Aesthetic journey. 



With an extensive background in healthcare and a degree in business management, Megan Porter brings a wealth of experience to Babe Aesthetics. As a seasoned professional in the healthcare industry, she has honed her skills in managing and elevating office experiences. Megan is committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of our office. From overseeing administrative processes to ensuring a streamlined and welcoming atmosphere, she strives to create a space where clients and staff alike can thrive. At Babe Aesthetics, we believe in the power of exceptional service.  Megan leads by example, fostering a client-centric culture that prioritizes the needs and requirements of each individual. She is dedicated to ensuring that every interaction with Babe Aesthetics is a seamless and positive experience.

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Amanda is a licensed and insured aesthetician with specialized training in advanced modalities including laser hair removal, IPL, and tattoo removal. 

Since obtaining her license in 2023, she has honed her expertise in skincare, becoming a Certified Face Reality Acne Specialist. This certification equips her to deeply understand skin concerns and tailor effective treatment plans from the inside out. 

With a commitment to ethical practices, Amanda offers results-driven skincare treatments that prioritize client education and empowerment. She excels in curating customizable treatment plans that address individual needs and goals, ensuring each client receives personalized care and achieves desired results. 

ABOUT Katherine

Nurse Practitioner (NP-S)

Katherine is a registered nurse with a passion for healthcare and beauty. She began her journey in the ICU, where she honed her skills and compassion, before transitioning to the fast-paced world of the Emergency Department, where she dedicated herself for the past 5 years. Currently, she is pursuing a master's degree in Family Nurse Practitioner at Stony Brook University, driven by her desire to expand her impact on patient care.  Combining her love for aesthetics with her nursing expertise has been a dream come true, allowing her to create a rewarding career where she helps patients achieve their most confident selves. She really enjoys empowering others by enhancing their natural beauty by using multiple modalities through skincare and natural and undetectable injectables.  She cannot wait to connect with you and help you achieve all your aesthetic goals!

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