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Fox Eye Lift
Long Island

A fox eye lift uses filler to lift and add volume around the eye, creating more of an almond eye shape. 

Fox Eye Lift

Getting Fox Eye Lifts with Babe Aesthetics

A fox eye lift is one of the latest trends in the beauty and cosmetic industry. The treatment uses 1cc of filler to lift and add volume to key places around the eye and brow. The process can typically be done in about 20-30 minutes, but we recommend arriving to your appointment early to handle preparation and administrative check in.

How Long do Fox Eye Lifts Last?

Fillers around the eye area generally last a bit longer than when used in other areas of the face. Some people have reported that their results lasted as long as 1-2 years, but we generally recommend that patients come in 6-8 months after their treatment for a refresh. 


If you’re unsure whether you’d be the right candidate for a fox eye lift, book a consultation with us and we can discuss your aesthetic goals.

Learn More About Fox Eye Lifts

Book an appointment or get in touch with us to learn more.

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